January 16, 2018

Nation’s Top Soybean Growers Gather at Commodity Classic – Soy Checkoff At Work – AUDIO

Thousand of the nation’s top soybean growers are gathered in San Antonio for Commodity Classic, an event created by farmers for farmers.

DianaWe shared a wide-ranging visit on the sidelines of the show with Diana Beitelspacher, CEO of the North Dakota Soybean Council. We visited about the volunteer farmer-leaders that oversee checkoff investments to help maximize profits for all soybean farmers.  We also discussed the importance of animal agriculture to the soybean industry, and the recent announcement by North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum made at the Northern Soybean Expo, in Fargo, regarding the development of a new $240 million soybean meal, oil and biodiesel plant in Spiritwood, N.D.                           Diana Beitelspacher and Rusty Halvorson


Our thanks to the North Dakota Soybean Council and the North Dakota Corn Council

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