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Former Senators Baucus, Lugar Form Farmers For Free Trade Campaign Ahead of NAFTA Talks

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Former US Senators Max Baucus and Richard Lugar have formed a new bipartisan trade campaign, announcing the effort just a day before the 4th round of NAFTA talks commence in Washington DC.  The campaign focus is to rebuild local, grassroots support for trade in states all across the country. Baucus saw firsthand during his time as a trade ambassador to china that American farmers have a lot of potential opportunities for overseas trade…tape

Baucus FFFT 1

Baucus says it’s important that messages like this get out in the public eye to counter a lot of anti-trade messages that are making the rounds in Washington, D.C. Sarah Lilygren, Farmers for Free Trade Board President, says her organization’s goal is to make sure the people who feed our country are at the table when we set trade policy…tape

Lilygren FFFT

Lilygren says Farmers for Free Trade want to make sure that the benefits of free trade with other countries are well understood far from the “halls of power in Washington, D.C.” She says this campaign isn’t just about impacting the NAFTA negotiations either.

The American Farm Bureau Federation has also announced its support for the group. Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall spoke to reporters on Tuesday, the day before the fourth round of negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement…tape

Duvall FFFT

Duvall says Americans can’t sit on the sidelines while other countries continue to work out trade agreements.

The National Wheat Growers spoke out on trade last week, saying it might be time to look for new opportunities instead of just focusing on what’s already in place. Duvall said the Wheat Growers are spot on with that idea…tape

Duvall FFFT 2

Baucus adds that as living standards go up in other countries, opportunities for trade are only going into increase in number and the U.S. has to be ready to take advantage of them.