Rusty Halvorson

Farm Director, American Ag Network.

With family roots in both radio and agriculture, it was a natural fit when Rusty Halvorson joined the American Ag Network in 1997.

Hailing from Williston, North Dakota, Rusty began his radio career as a teenager under the guidance of his father – Lee Halvorson – a 40-year sports broadcasting veteran and inductee of the North Dakota Sports Hall of Fame.   After toying with the idea of becoming a veterinarian – and earning an Associate of Science degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine at Williston State College – Rusty realized that radio was his true calling.  He still wanted to pursue his interest in agriculture – and radio.  The answer was simple… farm broadcasting.

Rusty headed to North Dakota State University to finish his Bachelor’s Degree in General Agriculture with a minor degree in mass communications.   His next step was to call on one of his father’s former coworkers for career advice – American Ag Network pioneer, the late Lyle Romine.  In the 1970’s, the elder Halvorson and Romine logged hundreds of hours together doing play-by-play work.  After a few phone calls and a reunion of sorts, Rusty’s job search didn’t last long.  On the hiring of Rusty, Lyle said, “I chose someone who can do my job as well or better than I can.”

With radio roots stretching for decades, Rusty’s communication skills, love of agriculture, and dedication to the job are the reasons why we’ve chosen him to be the voice of The American Ag Network.

Rusty is a voting member of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting.


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