September 24, 2017

Legend Seeds Offers A Variety Of Products To Northern Plains Growers

Grain growers across the Northern Plains experienced a variety of conditions this year; everything from too hot and too dry in the west, to too cold and too wet in parts of the east.  Legend Account Manager from Northeastern South Dakota Monte Robinson:

Legend Monte Robinson 1

Despite those variable conditions, Robinson says Legend has some varieties that seem to do very well year in and year out:

Legend Monte Robinson 2

Overall, Robinson says he expects that Round Up Ready Extend soybeans will be a big draw again next year, as will Liberty Link for those looking for additional weed control options.  Asked whether or not he thinks corn or soybeans will do better this year, Robinson had this:

Legend Monte Robinson 3

Aside from corn and soybeans, Legend Seeds also offers a full complement of silage corn, sunflowers, alfalfa, and sorghum seed as well as a few specialty grass and cover crop mixes.  For more information on Legend Seeds, or to contact your local dealer, you can call 800-678-3346 or visit Legend Seeds


ProSeed Offering New Corn And Bean Genetics, Including Dicamba Tolerance

There’s some new seed in town for 2018, brought to you by Proseed.  With over 52 varieties of corn and 35 varieties of soybeans, they’re sure to have something to fit almost every grower.  Even so, they’ve added some new genetics for the coming year.  District Sales Manager Dave Gehrtz, based in New Rockford, ND:

Proseed Gehrtz 1

In addition to the strong seed choices, Proseed is also offering a variety of financing options for the 2018 crop year:

Proseed Gehrtz 2

Gehrtz says they will also offer a cash discount to those who pay by credit card.

Proseed also continues to offer an great line up of canola and soybean seed.  Gehrtz says its been a challenging season for some, but at least his area appears like they will come out just fine, thanks to some early season rain:

Proseed Gehrtz 3

For more information on the 2018 line up or to locate a dealer near you, you can visit their website at or call the main office at 800-776-3121.






Gateway Buildings Says There’s Still Time For Producers To Put Up Bins

The 2017 growing season was less than ideal for a large part of the Dakotas, but in the end it looks like most will have an “ok” crop.  Combine that with the large inventories left from last year’s bumper crop, and several producers are running to storage problems just weeks away from harvest.  While there might not be an immediate answer, Gateway Buildings says there still time to get a bin before harvest.  Gateway salesman David Erbes:

Gateway Erbes 1

Erbes says Gateway has a variety of options available to fit almost every need:

Gateway Erbes 2

So if your short on space, Erbes says its worth taking a look at what Gateway can offer.  You can reach them at

Gateway Erbes 3

That phone number again is 701-293-7202, or you can visit their website at