November 23, 2017

Turkey Farmers Feel Pain from GIPSA

turkeyJust days from Thanksgiving, some turkey farmers are feeling the effects of Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue’s decision to pull out of the final interim GIPSA rule. Politico reports that just hours after the announcement, Plainville Farms of Pennsylvania presented its farmers with updated contracts that required the producers to make costly upgrades to their operations or accept a cut in pay. One Pensylvania farmer is aiming to get out of the business as a result of the new contract. Ike Horst raised 22,000 organic turkeys on his farm. Plainview is requiring the new owner of the operation to install upgrades like new fans, tunnel ventilation, and a stationary generator. Renovations will be difficult for all their contract farmers to make in the winter as they have to find temporary housing for a lot of birds. The interim rule would have made it easier for producers to sue the meatpacking or processing companies they contract with. Mike Weaver is president of the Organization for Competitive Markets. He says, “We’re fairly convinced that if the Secretary wouldn’t have done away with the rules we wanted to get implemented, companies wouldn’t do things like this.” Weaver thinks doing away with GIPSA has emboldened companies to abuse their growers.

Trade Talk 2017: New Research at FMC

Farm and Ranch Director Rusty Halvorson talks with Tom Koranek, Great Plains Business Manager with FMC Agricultural Solutions on protecting corn from pests. Steward EC, which is currently registered for several other crops, is showing success in managing pests in corn.

Listen to the interview:

More from FMC Agricultural Solutions on Steward EC:

Steward® EC insecticide delivers fast, broad-spectrum control of many worm pests and other insect pests to help growers protect alfalfa, cotton, peanut and soybean crop yields. Steward EC insecticide has a novel mode of action that works fast, targeting insects through ingestion as well as contact activity. Quick feeding inhibition prevents damage for excellent crop protection. Residual activity lasts up to 14 days to help prevent buildup of pest populations and further maximize yield potential. Steward EC insecticide also controls selected sucking insect pests such as cotton fleahoppers and tarnished plant bugs. Steward EC insecticide has a favorable environmental profile and use on all labeled crops are designated as Reduced Risk by the EPA. With a unique mode of action and minimal impact on beneficial species, it is an excellent partner in IPM programs when used in accordance with label directions.

See product label for specific crop/pest combinations controlled or suppressed.

Trade Talk 2017: FMC Agricultural Solutions

Herbicide-resistant weeds were a hot topic at Trade Talk 2017, and FMC Agricultural Solutions was on hand to discuss solutions. Rusty Halvorson talks with Mike Harper, Industry Relations Manager with FMC.

Hear what Harper says about new techniques:


Weed Management Stewardship

Take Stewardship and Weed Management to the Next Level

As a soybean grower, you are driven to cultivate healthy crops that register high yields. Being a good steward can help you do that. So can incorporating a weed management program that involves the timely application of preemergence and postemergence herbicides, with consideration given to proper and responsible use of chemicals.