April 30, 2016

Washington Watch – What Lies Ahead for Farm Policy? Audio

Farm lobbyists on Capitol Hill are trying to lay the groundwork for the 2018 Farm Bill by educating lawmakers on agricultural concerns.

David Crow is President of a lobbying firm in Washington called “D.C. Legislative and Regulatory Services.”

He works with members of Congress and federal agencies — on a bipartisan basis, and he got his start on The Hill back in the 1970’s.

David Crow on the 2018 Farm Bill

Pundits on Capitol Hill are speculating about what Congress may accomplish in the lame duck session of Congress.

David Crow on the Lame Duck Session


Election Year Politics and the GMO Labeling Debate – audio

A loggerhead between Republican and Democrat ideals during an election year has brought the GMO labeling debate to a standstill in the Senate. The House has already acted. Rusty Halvorson has more…..

Washington Watch 16 Collin on the Senate

Meanwhile, the wheels are still in motion to find a compromise on a GMO labeling bill in the Senate Ag Committee.

Washington Watch 16 Senate GMO


Foodies Square Off on GMO – audio

In recent weeks, food companies Kellogg, Mars, ConAgra, and General Mills have joined Campbell Soup in saying they will print new GMO labels for their products in response to a mandatory labeling law in Vermont that takes effect this summer. It was the topic of a panel discussion during NAFB’s Washington Watch Tuesday afternoon. Rusty Halvorson has more.

Washington Watch 16 Campbell GMO