December 19, 2014

Soy Holiday Giving

The North Dakota Soybean Council is spreading good cheer for the holiday season.  Members were set to “play Santa”  at Essentia Health and Sanford Health in Fargo on Thursday – handing out SOYSILK Tofu Bears and Bunnies for babies & children in the hospital during Christmas.

Made from 100% SOYSILK brand fiber, the Council says the stuffed creations are soft, cuddly, and earth-friendly.  SOYSILK bills the brand  as a cutting edge fiber made from the waste produced during the manufacturing of tofu.  Soy protein is liquefied and then extruded into long, continuous fibers that are then cut and processed like any other spinning fiber.

soysilk bear


Governor Daugaard Announces Rail Investments

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard announced Tuesday that a total of $56 million in public and private funds will be invested in four rail projects across the state. Because of these investments, a new $40 million grain handling facility in Britton and a $40 million grain shuttle loading facility in Kennebec will be opened.

SD Governor

The first project is the reconstruction of the Mitchell to Rapid City (MRC) Rail Line. The $29.9 million project between Chamberlain and Presho will upgrade 42.6 miles of rail line to handle modern rail traffic.

The second project is an agreement with the Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern Railroad (RCP&E) to construct two new railroad sidings along the old DM&E line.

For the third project, the state will partner with Dakota & Iowa Railroad to invest $7.3 million to upgrade the Sioux Valley Line in southeast South Dakota. The project will include upgrading nine bridges on the line, which will allow the line to handle 286,000-pound rail cars. In addition, a section of track that is currently in an area subject to landslides will be moved.

The last project, an upgrade of the Britton Line in northeast South Dakota, will include $5.25 million in funds from the Dakota Missouri Valley & Western, as well as $5.25 million in loans from the state Rail Board and $1 million in Future Funds.

The Governor also announced that $4 million in Future Funds will be available to match other South Dakota rail investments made by private entities.


ND Farm Bureau Scholarships Online

The North Dakota Farm Bureau Promotion and Education Committee has announced that the 2015 NDFB scholarships are now available online.

The Committee oversees a variety of scholarships to help those not only studying for careers, but for those who are attending college to change careers.

Available scholarships are:

North Dakota Farm Bureau Graduate Scholarship (for masters or doctorate students). This $1000 scholarship is for graduate level students pursuing a masters or doctorate and will recognize academic achievements as well as leadership skills.

North Dakota Farm Bureau Agriculture Scholarship (for college-age students). This $500 scholarship is for an undergraduate student majoring in agriculture that has completed or will be completing their freshman year of post-secondary school.

North Dakota Farm Bureau Family Member Scholarship (for college-age students). This $500 scholarship will recognize academic achievements as well as leadership skills of college-age students.

North Dakota Farm Bureau Becki Palmer Scholarship (for high school seniors). This $500 scholarship will recognize academic achievement as well as leadership skills of high school seniors. Becki Palmer was an employee of NDFB who played an integral role in teaching North Dakota youth, and in bringing the message of agriculture and safety to children across North Dakota. Becki understood the importance of scholarship opportunities because of her involvement in the scholarship programs of NDFB and Dollars for Scholars.

North Dakota Farm Bureau Future of Ag Scholarship (for high school seniors). This $500 scholarship will recognize academic achievements as well as leaderhsip skills of high school seniors enrolled in any ag college.

Detail can be found on the ND Farm Bureau’s website.