July 23, 2014

U.S. Soybean Farmers Meet with International Soy Industry Reps

Leaders from the American Soybean Association and the United Soybean Board were in Paris, France last week to meet with representatives of the oilseeds industry at the 16th annual International Oilseed Processors Dialogue to discuss various issues.  Jim Call - Chairman of the USB - said the U.S. delegation also met with the international soygrowers association.

Jim Call 1

President of the American Soybean Association Ray Gaesser said they also talked with soybean growers from the host country France

Ray Gaesser 1

It was noted that the EU - in their new farm bill which they call CAP – will no longer have subsidies for any food crop biofuels after the year 2020



U.S. Ag Secretary Sees Alternatives To GMO Labeling


During the Aspen Ideas Festival – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack spoke in a U.S. food policy discussion about GMO labeling. Vilsack says the challenge of the labeling debate is that food labels have either provided nutritional information or warned about possible allergies – but GMO labeling doesn’t fit into either category. Still – he says the consumer has a right to know. Vilsack believes putting information about genetically modified ingredients through barcodes on food labels – like Nestle does – could resolve the issue of labeling foods with GMOs. Nestle has created an extended bar code that Vilsack believes consumers could read with smartphones or on machines in grocery stores to determine if a product contains GMOs without sending any misleading messages.

A Grocery Manufacturers Association spokesman says the use of barcodes to provide this information is worth exploring – but a federal GMO labeling standard would still be necessary to prevent a 50-state patchwork of labeling laws that could be costly – and confusing – for consumers.


U.S Grains Council to Hold Annual Meeting

The U.S. Grains Council will host its 54th Annual Board of Delegates Meeting in Omaha, Nebraska July 28th through the 30th. Council Chairman Julius Schaaf says this meeting will be a great opportunity for Council delegates from across the United States to attend and discuss current and ongoing issues that need to be addressed

Schaaf 1

That’s one of the U.S. grains industry’s strengths in world trade – according to Schaaf – the ability to move grain on time in large volumes. He says it’s important not to lose focus on that issue

Schaaf says there are other issues members will discuss. One of those is the pushback by China on U.S. corn products due to unapproved biotechnology events. But he says grain trade is always a living, breathing dynamic situation

Schaaf 2

Howard Buffett will be the keynote speaker for the meeting. Schaaf says Buffett has been instrumental in trying to put hunger out of business. Buffett will talk about finding hope in a hungry world

Schaaf 3

For more information visit www.grains.org