September 27, 2016

Cautious Optimism on Beef Trade with China

cattle-conventionNew regulations announced on Thursday mean that some American beef is welcome back in China.  The devil is going to be in the details when it comes to when and how this market will open. USDA officials who are working with China’s inspection authorities to approve certificates and protocols to export beef to the country.

We spoke with North Dakota Stockmen’s Association President Steve Brooks about the topic – on the sidelines of the NDSA’s 87th annual convention and trade show in Minot.

Steve Brooks on China

Thirteen years ago, China banned U.S. beef imports. The move followed confirmation of a case of (BSE) in a dairy cow in Washington State.

By far, the largest seller of beef to China is Australia, with about 40% of the market. That country has seen herd numbers plummet to a 20-year low recently, due to increased demand and drought.



National Farmers Union Fly In Set For Sept 11-14

nfuFarmers may make up less than two percent of the population, but their direct impact on our country stretches to every dinner table from California to Maine. Too often, that connection is overlooked, especially when it comes to food and farm policy discussions.

The National Farmers Union works to bridge that divide by advocating for family farmers and ranchers in Washington D.C. Roger Johnson, president of the nearly 200,000-member family farmer and rancher-led organization, says NFU members will have the opportunity to make their voices heard when they meet with members of Congress and White House staff during NFU’s Fall Legislative Fly-In September 11-14…tape

NFU Fly In 1

One of the most prevalent issues facing the farm sector is the economic crisis that has left many family farmers and ranchers hurting. Market forecasts are predicting prolonged periods of low commodity prices and high input costs that will continue to strain the farm economy and limit many producers’ access to affordable credit in this country.

Johnson says it’s important for members of Congress and their staffs to understand which policies and programs are working for their rural constituents and where improvements to the farm safety net are needed…

NFU Fly In 2

NFU members will also be discussing key issues that may come up this fall, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Renewable Fuels Standard, and corporate consolidation in agriculture. Johnson said when advocating for these and other issues, NFU encourages farmers and ranchers to share how farm policies and programs affect their personal operations…

NFU Fly In 3


National Farmers Union members will be in Washington, D.C., September 11-14. For more information about the National Farmers Union Legislative Fly-In, visit


United Soybean Board Sells U.S. Soyoil in Japan

USB LogoJapan is one of the leading importers of U.S. soybeans, according to the United Soybean Board. A recent delegation of USB members traveled to Japan to meet with the nation’s soy buyers.

Along for the trip was Nancy Kavazanjian of the United Soybean Board, a farmer from Wisconsin.

She says Japan is a vital market for U.S. Soybeans…

USB Japan 1

Japan uses U.S. soybeans for a variety of uses, starting with soybean oil…

USB Japan 2

While meeting with buyers, the USB members talked about the quality of the current U.S. soybean crop. She says given the need for soybean oil, the buyers seek soybeans for import with higher oil amounts when possible…

USB Japan 3

She says part of the work by the United Soybean Board is to help Japan’s buyers find ways to improve demand for soy products…tape

USB Japan 4

That’s Nancy Kavazanjian of the United Soybean Board.