August 22, 2014

Aberdeen Packing Plant To Reopen With New Angus LLC

New Angus LLC the company that bought the old Northern Beef Packing Plant in Aberdeen South Dakota is working to get the facility opened in the future.  New Angus Executive Chairman Keith DeHaan, a Platte, South Dakota native says he’s excited about the possibilities but that it will take time to correct some infrastructure and equipment problems before they can open

Aberdeen Packing Plant 1

DeHaan says they’ve been speaking with cattle producers from both South and North Dakota and getting great input and ideas. He says they have no specific timeline for opening

Aberdeen Packing Plant 2

He says their goal is to process 1,000 to 1700 head of cattle a day but they won’t know the specific number until they open. He says they have great financial backing and support from White Oak Investors from California which owns New Angus LLC

Aberdeen Packing Plant 3

DeHaan says the Aberdeen community has been very supportive of their project and there are many former beef plant employees who are interested in coming back to work for New Angus once they get operational.


Pro Farmer Crop Tour Begins Today

Starting today, the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour will scout locations throughout the cornbelt before finally meeting up in Rochester, MN on Thursday to discuss a final yield.

Participants gathered last night in Sioux Falls, SD for the western leg and Columbus, OH for the eastern leg which were the jumping off points early this morning.  The eastern leg of the tour will move west through Indiana, Illinois, and eastern Iowa before skirting up into southeastern Minnesota.  The western leg will move through southeastern South Dakota  and into Nebraska and western Iowa before joining the rest of the group after a tour along I-90.

Participants are allowed (and encouraged) to use photos and social media to share their findings along the way, specifically using the #pftour14 tag on twitter for those interested in following.

This year’s tour holds special importance as the trade discusses the probability of a record corn crop.  Just last week USDA forecasted a national yield of 167.4 bushels per acre, which while less than the trade expected was a more than two bushel jump from the July forecast.

As for soybeans, they are the  bigger “wildcard” of the two, partially due to the fact that soybean yields are still quite sensitive to weather patterns in mid-August.  So far, however, the crop looks strong and many analysts have suggested that at nearly 85 million acres, it’s going to  tough to find an actual production problem.


EU Sugar Industry Fears Import Pressures In T-TIP Talks

Europe’s sugar industry fears there could be sugar imports from the combined U.S. and Mexican market if sugar is becomes part of the ongoing Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations.  During last week’s American Sugar Alliance International Sweetener Symposium, European Sugar manufacturers director general Marie-Christine Ribera noted the industry has already seen consolidation and lower prices, according to the Hagstrom report. She stated “Sugar and high-sugar-content products are not ripe for negotiations.”  Ribera also said her group does not want more access for ethanol and wants maintenance of strict rules of origin for sugar.

Further, American Sugar Alliance trade adviser Don Phillips noted that given their market situations with large net importers and extensive market access commitments on sugar in other trade agreements, it makes no sense to negotiate additional market access commitments in TTIP. Phillips also said that to his knowledge, neither U.S. nor European negotiators “have responded specifically to these positions.”