November 23, 2017

Beef Quality Assurance Program Launches New Certification for Cattle Transportation

The checkoff-funded Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program has launched a new training and certification program for cattle transportation. The program, known as Beef Quality Assurance Transportation (BQAT), provides cattle producers and haulers with comprehensive training based on their roles in the cattle industry. Online training will be made available beginning immediately, and in-person training opportunities will begin soon.

“The BQA Transportation training and certification program has been a long time coming,” said Chase DeCoite, director of Beef Quality Assurance for NCBA, a contractor to the beef checkoff. “By educating cattle haulers and producers on the best practices in cattle transportation, BQA is helping make improvements in cattle care and beef quality. Participating in BQA Transportation will be an indicator that the beef and dairy industries are committed to responsible animal care during transportation and makes both the BQA and dairy FARM animal care programs more complete.”

The BQA program was first funded by the beef checkoff in the early 1990s and developed its first guidance on transportation in 2006. Today, the program offers training and certification programs for all sectors of the industry: cow-calf, stocker and feedyard. This is the first time a nationally recognized certification has been offered for the transportation segment of the industry.

Online training for BQAT will be offered in two different modules: Farmer/Rancher and Professional. Farmer/Rancher modules will focus on the use of stock trailers and smaller loads of cattle that beef and dairy cattle producers might typically haul themselves. The Professional modules focus on the use of tractor-trailers and larger loads that are typically hauled further distances.

“Today the BQA program is taking another step in being the leader when it comes to educating producers and the cattle industry on the right things to do,” said Dan Kniffen, chair of the BQA Advisory Board, Assistant Professor of Animal Science at Pennsylvania State University and a cow-calf producer. “We have known for a long time that transportation plays a critical role in our industry. Now we are fully able to train and show our commitment to beef quality and cattle care from pasture to plate.”

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Ag Secretary Perdue Talks Trade at NAFB Convention in Kansas City – Trump Returns from Asian Trip

President Donald Trump is headed for home following an extensive 12 day tour of Asia that he said had been “tremendously” successful.

Speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One, Trump hinted at a “major statement” on trade and his trip later this week.

Last week,, the second largest online retailer in China, struck a $200 million deal to import beef from Montana ranchers over the next three years.

The deal was closed on the day President Trump visited Beijing.

The U.S. used to be China’s largest beef supplier prior to the BSE incident back in 2003.

A lot has changed since then, and Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told farm broadcasters in Kansas City at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting convention last week that E-commerce and changing consumer tastes in China could represent the next big horizon in beef export sales.

Sonny on China Beef

Speaking of trade, Perdue said that he was working with Trump administration officials and Congress on a plan to protect farmers and ranchers from the potential market effects of the U.S. withdrawing from NAFTA.

Sonny on NAFTA

The fifth round of talks on “NAFTA 2.0” is set to start later this week in Mexico City.



China Online Mall To Buy Large Amounts of Beef and Pork

beef in, Inc., says it will buy $2 billion worth of U.S. goods, over half of which will be beef and pork. The deal comes at the same time President Donald Trump is in China., China’s second-largest online mall, will buy more than $1.2 billion worth of beef from the Montana Stock Growers Association and pork from Smithfield Foods over the next three years. The company released a statement after a signing ceremony this week, saying that the deal is part of a commitment to buy a wide range of U.S. goods. American companies that made the trip with the president and China announced deals this week worth about $9 billion. China has officially reopened its borders to American beef there hasn’t been a lot of movement yet as only a limited supply meets Chinese import requirements. China is the world’s biggest pork producer, consumer, and importer. CEO Richard Liu says, “Chinese consumers will rest assured knowing that they will be able to purchase safe, high-quality meat products imported from the U.S.” Beef is the fastest-growing meat sector in China and the country is the world’s fastest-growing overseas market for beef.