January 19, 2018

DuPont and Sumitomo Chemical Announce Global Seed-Applied Technology Agreement

DuPont and Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited announced today a global agreement to collaborate on the development, registration and commercialization of seed-applied technologies for use in key crops around the world.DuPont

DuPont and Sumitomo Chemical formed this collaboration out of a shared objective to accelerate development and commercialization of novel seed-applied technologies to improve early plant growth and yields. The global agreement leverages the strengths of both companies, combining the conventional chemical and biological pipeline from Sumitomo Chemical, with the advanced seed technology and development and commercialization capability of DuPont Crop Protection, a business unit of DowDuPont Agriculture Division.

By combining the pipeline from Sumitomo Chemical with DuPont’s technology and capability, there is an opportunity to evaluate these technologies together, at much earlier stages, to understand the complementary characteristics of various product combinations. This early-stage collaboration will enhance current and future commercial products for seed-applied technologies.

“Sumitomo Chemical has made significant investments in rhizosphere technology research to enhance seed protection and maximize early plant development through chemical and biological agrosolutions,” said Kimitoshi Umeda, associate officer and general manager, AgroSolutions Division-International at Sumitomo Chemical Company. “Partnering with DuPont affords the access to their advanced seed technology, and when evaluated in combination with our seed protection and enhancement solutions, will generate new opportunities to develop complementary and novel seed-applied technologies for growers around the world.”

“We are excited about this collaboration with Sumitomo Chemical. The Sumitomo Chemical portfolio and pipeline will complement the investments DuPont has made in discovery, development and commercialization of seed-applied products. Partnering with Sumitomo Chemical early in the development process enables us to create higher performing seed-applied products for our customers,” said Mick Messman, director, DuPont Seed Applied Technologies.

Collaborations between DuPont and Sumitomo Chemical’s regional affiliate, Valent U.S.A. LLC., will focus on the North American region with potential expansion opportunities to multiple crop markets globally.

“This agreement exemplifies the power of collaboration by companies in the agriculture industry to bring growers the latest technology to improve their productivity,” added Umeda. “We look forward to future collaborations with DuPont, and pursue them in the spirit of creativity and innovation on behalf of our customers.”

For more information on both parties, visit www.dupont.com or www.sumitomo-chem.co.jp/english/.

Headed to Commodity Classic: MN Soybean Farmer Selected for National Leadership Program

The American Soybean Association and Minnesota Soybean Growers Association are pleased to announce Adam Guetter, a Wabasso, Minnesota, farmer, has been named a 2018 ASA DuPont Young Leader.

 Guetter was selected to represent Minnesota in a program that includes soybean producer participants from 19 states and Canada. Guetter will also serve as the ASA DuPont Young Leader on MSGA’s board of directors.

 “When I got the call that I’d been selected, I didn’t think I would be the one selected. I was speechless,” says Guetter, a corn and soybean farmer from Redwood County, Minn. “It’s really an honor to be a DuPont Young Leader, and I’m excited to be on a leadership board for the first time with MSGA.”

 Adam and his wife, Melanie, have a young son, Max. The youngest of seven children, Adam lives on land that’s been in his family for multiple generation and farms full time with help from his father, Louis, and brother, Karl.

 “My wife is a tremendous help, but she’s transitioned from farm wife to farm mom,” Guetter says. “Her tractor driving days got cut back when little Max came along, but she still helps out on the family farm at every opportunity.”

 For more than 30 years, the ASA DuPont Young Leader program has identified and cultivated farmer leaders that shape not only the U.S. soybean industry, but also all of agriculture. Through training, young leaders strengthen their natural leadership skills while building a strong peer network.  Learn More


This year’s class of Young Leaders will participate in a challenging and educational two-part training program, which will focus on communications, soybean/agriculture issues and leadership skills. The first phase of training will take place at DuPont Pioneer’s headquarters in Johnston, Iowa, Nov. 28 to Dec. 1, 2017. Training will continue Feb. 25 to March 1, 2018, in Anaheim, Calif., with training held in conjunction with the annual Commodity Classic Convention and Trade Show. Melanie Guetter will also participate with Adam in the training in Anaheim.

 “I’m very excited for the opportunity that being an ASA DuPont Young leader brings,” Adam Guetter says.

 About Minnesota Soybean Growers Association:  MSGA is a non-profit, farmer-controlled membership organization established in 1962. Its goal is to ensure profitable soybean farming by influencing favorable ag legislation, monitoring government policies and supporting research and market development activities. 




Trade Talk 2017: DuPont Crop Protection


Herbicide-resistant weeds can be a major problem for growers. In this interview, Farm and Ranch Director Rusty Halvorson talks with Dave Johnson, Product Development Manager for Soybean Herbicides with DuPont Crop Protection.

From DuPont:

Growing a Profitable Soybean Crop Requires Keeping Invaders Out

A wide variety of weeds can compete with soybeans at all stages of the growing season. Heavy weed pressure reduces yields and cuts into profits.

DuPont Crop Protection partners with growers to create reliable, sustainable solutions that improve productivity, profitability and crop safety. Experienced seed, crop and agronomy experts collaborate (video) with growers to help identify the best solutions, and make the most of every input dollar and every hour on every acre.