Bioenergy “Good Practices” Project


The 25x’25 Alliance is inviting partners and all bioenergy stakeholders to participate in a new initiative launched by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization to catalog and highlight sustainable “good practices” in bioenergy feedstock production around the world.

The Bioenergy and Food Security Criteria and Indications project is reaching out to agricultural producers, looking for stories, experiences and lessons learned from innovative approaches – from crop cultivation to energy processing – they may have used in producing sustainable bioenergy.

The initiative wants to hear about what made these pioneering activities a success, both for the producers and for the local communities. And they want to cover as wide a range of bioenergy feedstocks as possible.

The goal of the initiative is to make available online practical information on the experiences and practices that have contributed to the implementation of sustainable, financially viable bioenergy initiatives. Their hope is to inspire producers to consider new ways to harness bioenergy production as a means to foster rural development and food security.

The deadline for response to the FAO survey is May 16, less than a month away. They request that bioenergy producers access the ‘best practices’ survey questionnaire and check the FAO BEFSCI Web site for more information. Responses should be e-mailed to