EPA approves Axial Star Herbicide


Syngenta in North America announced federal  environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration of Axial® Star herbicide to control both annual grass and broadleaf weeds in spring wheat (excluding durum), winter wheat and barley. State registrations may still be pending. Please check with your state regulatory agency to determine registration status.

“We’ve created Axial Star by combining our industry-leading mixed-grass control chemistry, pinoxaden, with the industry’s kochia leader, fluroxypyr,” said Don Porter, herbicide technical brand manager.

“With its tank-mix flexibility, Axial Star will provide growers a new tool to build their weed-control solutions based on each field’s needs,” explained John Foresman, herbicide brand manager. “In addition, Axial Star provides growers with rotational flexibility the following growing season, keeping cropping options open to better react to market prices.”

The crop safety of Axial Star allows growers to easily move between crops without needing to clean the tank or switch products in between, enabling more efficient one-pass weed control. Axial Star joins recent registrant SierraTM herbicide to further enhance the Syngenta cereal weed-management portfolio. More information about the Syngenta cereals herbicide offering. Source: Syngenta