N.D. Governor signs bill providing flood, snow assistance

Governor Jack Dalrymple signs Senate Bill 2369 with Senate Majority Leader Bob Stenehjem to his left and House Majority Leader Al Carlson to his right.

Governor Jack Dalrymple yesterday signed into law Senate Bill 2369, which provides emergency funding totaling $31 million to help local governments cover the costs of statewide flood-fighting efforts, flood damages and the removal of excessive snow.

The funding package provides $22 million in matching funds to help local governments cover flood prevention costs, flood damages and road repairs. The funds provided by the state will cover 50 percent of the local share of repair costs. The bill includes $9 million in matching funds to aid local governments that have been burdened by excessive snowfall and have exhausted their budgets for snow removal. The legislation also includes an emergency clause which allows for immediate distribution of funds.

“We know that rural areas of North Dakota especially have suffered tremendous damages from overland flooding,” Dalrymple said. “These matching funds will be made available so that local governments get the assistance they need to deal with road damage and other costs associated with these severe weather conditions.”

Additionally, the Governor on April 18 signed into law an unprecedented infrastructure improvement package that includes $60 million to help cover the costs of repairing and rebuilding city, county and township roads outside the state’s 17 oil and gas counties. Local governments can use this money to match any road-repair funding provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Source: From the office of Governor Dalrymple