NDFB supports regulation of hydraulic fracturing


North Dakota Farm Bureau said the state is in the best position to regulate the use of hydraulic fracturing at a Bureau of Land Management public hearing in Bismarck on April 20.

“The decisions surrounding the use of hydraulic fracturing should be made based on sound science, not fear,” said NDFB Public Policy Director Sandy Clark. “The state is in the best position to regulate hydraulic fracturing. NDFB supported two bills in the Legislature to exercise the state’s rights to regulate the process.”

Clark testified that NDFB has always supported multiple-use of public lands, including livestock grazing, recreation and oil and gas development.

“We believe agriculture, oil development and public use of BLM lands can co-exist in western North Dakota,” she said.

Agriculture and the energy industry are the two biggest creators of new wealth for the state.

“The use of hydraulic fracturing to develop oil production is an important component to the oil industry in North Dakota,” Clark said. “We need to make sure we don’t stifle growth because people fear something they don’t understand.”

Clark said more people asked questions at the hearing than testified.

“That would indicate that there is a lot of education that needs to happen, so people can feel comfortable with the process,” she said.

The BLM is holding a total of three public meetings in North Dakota, Colorado and Arkansas.

NDFB Position

Source: North Dakota Farm Bureau