USMEF works to promote pork shoulder butt overseas


U.S. trade officials say the pork shoulder butt is a tender, flavorful and affordable cut that may not be reaching its full potential in some overseas export markets… A global initiative by the U.S. Meat Export Federation is trying to change that.

USMEF Assistant Vice President for International Marketing Greg Hanes says his group is working with foreign buyers on new ways to promote and merchandise this often-underutilized cut.

Hanes says, “Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia – they’re all areas where we’re working with the different target groups, there.  We have some activities with the importers and distributors doing sales competitions.  We’re working with retailers with how they can merchandise it and show it differently.”

U.S. pork exports are off to a strong start for 2011, growing by double-digits over last year…

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