Dalrymple requests Federal emergency assistance in Missouri River flood fight


Governor Jack Dalrymple on Thursday requested the Federal Emergency Management Agency expand a federal emergency declaration to include 11 counties and two Indian reservations.  The declaration would make available federal agencies and their assets to help in flood-fighting efforts.

In a letter to FEMA Coordinating Officer Willie Nunn, Dalrymple requests that an emergency declaration approved on April 7 be expanded to include emergency assistance for the counties of Burleigh, Dunn, Emmons, McKenzie, McLean, Mercer, Morton, Mountrail, Oliver, Sioux, and Williams and for the Indian reservations of Standing Rock and Three Affiliated Tribes of Fort Berthold.

“The federal assistance that will be made available through an expanded emergency declaration will support the significant state and local flood response efforts underway throughout the Missouri River Basin,” Dalrymple said. “Federal assistance is critical in our efforts to fight unprecedented flooding.”

For counties included in the emergency declaration, FEMA makes available federal agencies and their assets including search and rescue teams and equipment and evacuation and shelter support. Dalrymple said he will press FEMA to add other counties that experience flooding to the emergency declaration and he will request FEMA to include a federal cost share for flood damages and flood preparedness.

FEMA has provided federal emergency and disaster assistance in response to major flooding in other areas of the state including along the Sheyenne River, the James River, the Souris River, the Red River and in the Devils Lake Basin.

Source: office of Governor Dalrymple