Deadline Approaching for DCP/ACRE Signup


Agricultural producers who want to participate in Farm Service Agency’s Direct and Counter Cyclical Program or the Average Crop Revenue Election Program during the 2011 crop year must submit their applications by June 1 to be eligible for the program.

Aaron Krauter, North Dakota State Executive Director for FSA, says he can’t stress the importance of the deadline enough.   “This is a deadline that program participants can’t miss,” Krauter said.  “We saw some confusion in the past where people thought they had signed up, didn’t realize they had to apply each year, and missed out on the program.”

Producers who choose to participate in either the revenue-based ACRE safety net or the price-based DCP safety net must apply for the program each year.  All owners and operators who will share in the DCP or ACRE payments on the farm must sign the enrollment form (CCC-509) by June 1.  If a producer does not get the signed form in to their local office by June 1, they will not be enrolled in the program for the current year and will not receive benefits.

Producers who choose to participate in DCP or ACRE were allowed to choose between the two programs in 2009.  A producer who initially chose to remain in DCP does have the option to switch to the ACRE program when they apply for the program before the June 1 deadline.  However, producers who elected to enroll their farm in ACRE cannot switch back to DCP.  Additionally, if a producer has a farm that is enrolled in ACRE and buys another farm that is enrolled in DCP, the two farms cannot be combined unless the DCP farm is changed to ACRE.

Source: USDA Farm Service Agency