National Farm-City Council launches Facebook page


The National Farm-City Council has launched a Facebook page supporting the mission of the organization. The Facebook page provides information and visuals from local Farm-City organizations and allows them to share these activities with other local units and urban viewers.

“As the social media are playing an increasingly important role in fostering better communication between rural and urban citizens, it’s fundamental to use these mediums to communicate to our core audiences,” says Hugh Whaley, chairman of the National Farm-City Council.

Local and regional Farm-City organizations are urged to link to the Facebook page with information, pictures and videos on their activities and programs. Others are encouraged to visit the site to discover what the various Farm-City units are doing to tell the story of agriculture to urban residents.

To go to the site, visit and search for “National Farm-City Council.” Click “Like” at the top of the page.

Source: National Farm-City Council, Inc.