SD Governor allows overwidth fertilizer vehicles on highwasys at night


Gov. Dennis Daugaard has signed an Executive Order that allows overwidth fertilizer-application vehicles to move on state highways in South Dakota during nighttime hours.

Applying fertilizer to crops has been delayed by unseasonably wet weather and saturated soils, and round-the-clock operations are necessary, the Governor said.

Overwidth commercial fertilizer applicators are allowed to move on highways during daylight hours by an annual permit, but regulations prohibit such movement at night.  The Governor’s Executive Order lifts that permit restriction until midnight, May 26, 2011, allowing those vehicles to be moved at night if they don’t exceed 12 feet in width and are equipped with proper warning lights.

However, many state, county and township roads are posted for reduced weights because of wet conditions, and the Executive Order does not allow any vehicle to exceed the posted weights on those roads.

Source: The Office of  Governor Daugaard