SD Governor says emergency levees to be built at Pierre/Fort Pierre


Gov. Dennis Daugaard said today that emergency levees will be constructed to protect areas of Pierre and Ft. Pierre from the flooding Missouri River.

“We are moving with urgency and haste to get these levees in place, but those who are in flood-prone areas should not rely on the levees getting finished in time or holding the water back once they are in place,” the Governor said. “Weather is unpredictable, and equipment issues and many other problems may occur that can impact construction of the levees, and people should not abandon individual measures to protect their own property.”

Engineers from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers worked through the night Thursday to design the levees.  Their primary purpose is to protect public infrastructure; however, a secondary effect will be to also protect private property.

Levees will be constructed to protect the shoreline south of the Missouri River bridge, on both the Pierre and Ft. Pierre sides of the river.  The levees will be designed to prevent flooding from an overflow of water from Oahe Dam of up to 120,000 cubic feet per second (CFS), or a water level of 1,434 feet above sea level.  No levees will be constructed north of the Missouri River bridge.

The Corps of Engineers has approved funding for the levees.

Bids, which are being taken today from contractors, require that construction of the emergency levees be started immediately and be completed no later than Tuesday, June 2.

Source: office of Governor Daugaard