Tractors in Light Pro Stock Pulling Class will run exclusively on Biodiesel


For the second year in a row, tractor pullers in the National Tractor Pullers Association’s (NTPA) Light Pro Stock class will be powered by high-performance biodiesel, thanks to a partnership with the United Soybean Board (USB) and soybean checkoff.

USB and the NTPA have partnered since 2007 to increase the availability and use of biodiesel among pulling fans, many of whom work in the agriculture and trucking sectors.

“The partnership with the NTPA represents a good way to reach an interested group of people who are potential diesel users, whether they’re participants or spectators,” says USB Communications Chair Russ Carpenter, a soybean farmer from Trumansburg, N.Y. “The majority of the people are there because they like horsepower and this partnership is a great way to show off how well biodiesel performs.”

In conventional diesel engines, soy biodiesel delivers horsepower, mileage and hauling rates comparable to petroleum diesel but offers higher cetane levels than petroleum diesel and better lubricity and BTU content than any other renewable fuel. Tractor pullers will be putting these performance attributes on display throughout the summer.

NTPA Office General Manager Gregg Randall says 15 tractor pullers competed in the class last year and expects that number to double this year.

Check the NTPA schedule to find out if Light Pro Stock “Powered by Biodiesel” hooks will be in your area.

Source: United Soybean Board