NASCAR speeds through Sonoma showcasing American Ethanol


Last weekend, American Ethanol supporters cheered on Clint Bowyer as he sped into a fourth-place finish during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Toyota/ Save Mart 350. The National Corn Growers Association used the race as an opportunity to highlight the environmental and economic benefits of ethanol to a group of invitees from a broad range of stakeholder groups. The focus on ethanol was generated by the American-Ethanol NASCAR partnership which provides ethanol many high-profile opportunities to educate a fan-base of more than 80 million on the benefits of ethanol.

“While speaking with members of California’s ethanol industry, I realized again how important our efforts to educate regulators, legislators and consumers on the numerous benefits of ethanol really are,” said NCGA Chairman Darrin Ihnen, who represented corn growers at the race. “It is imperative that we reach people outside the Corn Belt with our messages, as many are unfamiliar with modern agriculture and the opportunities it provides. The American Ethanol NASCAR partnership showcases how higher blends of ethanol can increase our energy independence, improve our environment and decrease the burden that high fuel costs place upon hard-working consumers.”

During this first year of the partnership, NCGA aims to highlight American ethanol to NASCAR’s immense fan base, many of whom may not previously have been familiar with ethanol or may have carried negative assumptions based upon misleading information. Putting NASCAR’s trust of E15 in the spotlight, the alliance shows consumers that the best drivers operating some of the most expensive cars in the world rely on E15 when the race is on the line.

Source: NCGA