American Coalition for Ethanol invites Presidential Candidates to Energy Policy Forum in Iowa


The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) yesterday invited the candidates for 2012 Presidential Election to attend an energy policy forum in Des Moines, Iowa on Wednesday, August 24th and sent an open letter clarifying the position of the industry regarding the ethanol tax incentive.

To read ACE’s open letter to the presidential candidates, click here:

ACE Executive Vice President Brian Jennings said the forum is a way for ethanol supporters to learn more about the candidate’s positions on ethanol, and for the candidates to learn more about the ethanol industry.

“With ethanol already becoming a hot topic on the campaign trail, we want the candidates to recognize how ethanol will help make the U.S. more energy secure and that we’ve been proactively working in Congress to reform the ethanol tax incentive.”

Jennings said it will also be good for ethanol supporters to hear what the candidates think about energy policy and ethanol.

“We are willing to responsibly reform and reduce the cost of the ethanol tax incentive.  However, ACE does not believe budget cuts should just discriminate against American ethanol, while the taxpayer is still footing the bill for hundreds of billions of subsidies for the oil industry.”

ACE’s energy policy forum will take place during their 24th annual ethanol conference taking place in Des Moines, Iowa starting on Tuesday, August 23rd.

Source: ACE