American Coalition for Ethanol seeks clarification on recent ethanol comments from General Motors Chairman


Ron Lamberty, Vice President of Market Development for the American Coalition for Ethanol today asked General Motors Corporation Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson to explain his recent comments on ethanol fuel.

Akerson was recently quoted by The Detroit News in a wide-ranging interview that he predicts ethanol will “die slowly,” which Lamberty says doesn’t mesh with General Motors past commitments to ethanol.

“General Motors has made a commitment to make half of their vehicles ‘flex-fuel’ starting with the 2012 model year, and last year GM introduced a flex fuel Buick Regal which was actually designed to ‘prefer’ E85 and became the most fuel-efficient FFV manufactured in the US as a result,” Lamberty said. “GM has also invested in cellulosic ethanol producer Coskata, and has a long history of innovation and support of ethanol.” Lamberty said. “I have to believe the comment published in the story was taken out of context.”

“The ethanol industry has been focused on increasing the amount of E85 and ethanol blender pumps across the country in recent years, based in part on GM’s promise to build more flex-fuel vehicles. We are thankful that GM has shown that leadership and commitment to flex fuel vehicles, and we encourage GM to continue their focus on helping this country become more energy independent.” Lamberty said.

Source: ACE