American Coalition for Ethanol statement on the new fueling label for E15


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) yesterday issued the final pump label for E15 blended gasoline following its approval of E15 blends for vehicles 2001 and newer earlier this year.

Brian Jennings, the Executive Vice President of the American Coalition for Ethanol, released the following statement.

“EPA’s final label is more informative than their initial label which seemed inflammatory.  We remain concerned EPA feels it must say E15 may damage some motor vehicles without the evidence to prove that, however.  ACE will continue working aggressively to make E15 workable,” Jennings said

Ron Lamberty, the Vice President of Market Development for the American Coalition for Ethanol also commented on the label for E15 blends.

“This is an improvement over the proposed label, and we appreciate the fact that some of the changes recommended by our industry were adopted. It is unfortunate that the “may cause damage” language was used in the absence of any proof that it might.  We’ve been concerned that the strategy of E15’s opponents to provide anecdotal “spook stories” instead of science, might be successful, and we will need to overcome this to make E15 workable,” Lamberty said.

“While we’re pleased that the EPA and FTC were able to work together to avoid requiring multiple labels, we are not happy with the choice to mandate a “hazard-orange” label. Even people who look past the unwritten “warning” of that color choice may be further confused into thinking that E15 is some version of E85, and is for use in flex fuel vehicles only.  With all of the proven health and environmental problems caused by other fuels, it’s frustrating that a clean fuel like ethanol is the only one with a required label,” Lamberty said.

Source: ACE