Ecuadorian journalists bring home Biotech truths


Last week, National Corn Growers Association staff hosted a group of journalists from Ecuador participating in an educational delegation organized by the U.S. government to promote an understanding of biotechnology. During an afternoon-long presentation, the group learned about biotechnology adoption, the environmental and productivity benefits of biotech and the role of biotech acceptance in the world market.

“We welcome the opportunity to help provide the information and perspective that lead to a better understanding of the technology used by the majority of corn farmers in our country,” said NCGA Vice President of Production and Utilization Paul Bertels. “This team in particular presented a unique chance to educate a broad audience as the many well-respected journalists in attendance will now be better able to tell the true story of biotechnology in American agriculture to a vast audience.”

During the presentation, reporters asked insightful and challenging questions which staff met with candor and the most current scientific data. The journalists also took time to tape interviews with NCGA Director of Biotechnology and Economic Analysis Nathan Fields.

Source: NCGA