Flooding across South Dakota takes toll on roads and farmland


Gavin’s Point Dam near Yankton, SD has been putting out water at a rate of 160,000 cubic-feet-per-second for several days now and is

expected to stay at that record level until mid-August – and the rain is scheduled to keep falling.

Craig Schaunaman, a farmer in Brown County, and the South Dakota State Executive Director for the Farm Service Agency (FSA) says that from the disaster side, they’ve been dealing with a lot of flooding throughout the whole state, starting in the Northeast corner this spring and moving into the Missouri River Valley.

He says they are receiving larger amounts of rain across the state than on average, which has its affect on cropland and road conditions.

Schaunaman 1

Shaunaman says despite challenging road conditions, farmers are creative and find ways to get to their fields to do their work.

Schaunaman 2

He says some of the wet conditions are long-term, but how long the ground stays wet varies from area to area depending on their slope and water drainage.

Schaunaman 3

He says feed supplies have not been an issue yet, but it is becoming challenging as reports of dam issues come in every day. Schaunaman says they received reports yesterday of some dams going out in Haakon and Dewey Counties. But, he says they are behind on haying.

Schaunaman 4

He says the intensity of storms they’ve seen cross the state adding to their flooding situation are much more severe than they have been in a long time.