FSA authorizes CRP grazing for flooded ranchers


Livestock producers that aren’t able to access pastureland due to flooding can use CRP for grazing, according to Aaron Krauter, State Executive Director of the USDA’s Farm Service Agency.

“Because of the unprecedented flooding we’re seeing across the state, our State Committee decided to exercise its authority to allow emergency grazing on CRP,” Krauter said. “We hope that things will dry out quickly, but this gives producers a little more time to look for alternative grazing sites.”

Livestock producers that are experiencing problems with flooding need to contact their local FSA office before releasing livestock onto CRP.  Upon approval by the local FSA office, producers may graze livestock on certain CRP practices for up to 15 days.

A 25 percent payment reduction applies to all acres that are grazed, and eligibility for managed haying or grazing in future years of the contract may be impacted.  Producers are not allowed to hay CRP land under this authorization.

Source: USDA Farm Service Agency-ND State Office