July 6, 2022
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Ghana delegation visits North Dakota

Concluding a week-long trip to the U.S. on Friday, a Ghanaian (Ga-Ney-In) delegation launched a national farm show and an agricultural-focused multi-media platform to gain North American agri-business support. Dr. Delore Zimmerman, President and CEO of Praxis Strategy group, acted as a host for a delegation from Ghana that’s spent the past week in the U.S.

Zimmerman says the primary reason the delegation came from Ghana (Ga-Na), Africa to North America, specifically North Dakota, is to promote the National Food and Agriculture Show (FAGRO), but along the way, they have met with Senator John Hoeven, farmers and different agriculture entities. He says they are setting up relationships that will result in opportunities for both sides…

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Cecilia Erzuah (ez-wa), Finance and Administrative Officer for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Ghana, says her agency is focused on commercializing agriculture in the country to boost the revenue base and…

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Erzuah says they are also looking at the value they can add to their agriculture system. She says a visit they made to a farm here was an eye opener. When asking the farmer how he managed over 20,000 acres, she took away a lesson she hopes to apply in Ghana…

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Zimmermans says there is tremendous potential in Ghana for new opportunities in agriculture. He says the country serves as a focal point for the entire West African population…

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Adam Suley, Executive Head of Retail Banking at the Agricultural Development Bank in Ghana, also serving as chair for FAGRO, says that as they look to step up their level of agriculture, cooperation with American agriculture is an advantage…

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The National Food and Agriculture Show is in its third year in Ghana. Praxis, along with AdFarm, is a cofounder of Praxis Africa, which will lead the implementation of the National Food and A Farm Channel and the National Food and Agriculture Show in Ghana.


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