NCGA releases Online Research Glossary defining terminology


The National Corn Growers Association’s new Research Glossary is now available online. This glossary, which covers the terms mostfrequently used in agricultural discussions of genetics, provides a simple, accessible resource for those looking to better understand and communicate on programs such as the corn genome sequence.

“While farmers understand the importance of genetics to their trade, an enhanced knowledge of scientific terminology facilitates discussion,” said NCGA Research and Business Development Action Team Chair Larry Hasheider. “We are extremely proud of the role NCGA has played in moving forward projects such as sequencing the corn genome, but the glossary takes this work one step further. Now, we can help anyone hoping to really delve into the discussion start with a common vocabulary that will facilitate an open, productive dialogue on the role of genetics in modern agriculture.”

NCGA plays a vital role in genetic research which includes spearheading the National Plant Genome Initiative in 1997. NPGI, which has sequenced several plant genomes, completed the draft sequence of the corn genome in 2008. In its next phase, the project will apply this knowledge to improve plant performance in the field as scientists develop new products and traits using this important tool.

Click here for the online glossary. A pocket guide version is also available through the mail by contacting NCGA at

Source: NCGA