ND set to distribute $142 million for road projects


Governor Jack Dalrymple today announced that the state has approved 59 projects to receive $142 million in state funding for the rebuilding and repairing of county and township roads in North Dakota’s 17 oil and gas counties

“The North Dakota Department of Transportation will soon begin distributing state grant funds to address the extreme wear and tear on roadways in our oil and gas counties,” Dalrymple said. “We want to keep to an aggressive timetable and complete this much-needed work on county and township roads during the 2011-2013 biennium.

At Dalrymple’s recommendation, the Legislature provided unprecedented funding for statewide road projects and other infrastructure improvements. The Legislature designated more than $1 billion to repair roadways and fund other infrastructure projects in every region of the state. About $371 million has been set aside to rebuild and repair township and county roads and state highways in North Dakota’s oil and gas counties.

County officials in North Dakota’s oil and gas counties will manage contracts and oversee state-funded construction projects on 42 paved county and township roads and 17 unpaved roads.  Dalrymple recommended and the Legislature approved the $142 million in grant funds for western North Dakota with an emergency clause so that road construction projects could begin immediately.

The Department of Transportation has also has started a number of state highway projects in western North Dakota including ND Highway 22 and US Highway 85.

“The counties have worked hard to implement projects that will provide an integrated transportation system from county to county,” stated Francis Ziegler, North Dakota Department of Transportation Director. “The county officials looked at the total system needs to develop a plan. Some counties gave project funding to other counties as they worked on a strategic process to help with transportation needs for western North Dakota.”

Grants to rebuild and repair township and county roads in western North Dakota are based on road conditions identified in a comprehensive study conducted by the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute and by the Department of Transportation’s monitored conditions of roadways.

Source: office of Governor Dalrymple