North & South Dakota planting progress reports


North Dakota

Planting progress for most crops continued despite the wet conditions.

Barley was 44 percent planted, compared to 96 percent last year and 93 percent for the five-year average. Barley was 15 percent emerged.

Spring and Durum wheat were 55 and 17 percent planted, and 21 and 4 percent emerged, respectively.

Canola was 40 percent planted, compared to 92 percent at this point last year and 90 percent average. Canola was 9 percent emerged.

Corn was 74 percent planted, an increase of 25 percent from last week, and reached 30 percent emerged.

As of May 29, potato growers had planted 38 percent of the crop, compared to 97 percent at this point last year and 83 percent average. Potatoes were 5 percent emerged.

Soybeans were 29 percent planted, behind both last year and the five-year average. Eighty-eight percent of the sugarbeet crop had been planted, compared to 100 percent last year and 98 percent average.

Sugarbeets were 12 percent emerged. Sunflowers were 8 percent planted this week, compared to 39 percent last year and 54 percent average.


South Dakota

Saturated fields leave farmers to fall even further behind last year’s and the 5-year averages for planting progress.

Corn and Soybeans planted made minimal progress, with corn at 86 percent complete and soybeans at 34 percent complete, behind last year’s progress of 90 and 59 percent respectively.

Spring wheat planting is estimated at 96 percent, compared to 99 percent last year.

Ninety-three percent of the barley has been planted, compared to 94 percent last year.

Winter wheat growth is still considerably below average at 47 percent now in the boot stage, compared to last year’s 69 percent.

Source: USDA NASS North Dakota and South Dakota offices