Partial levee collapse at Dakota Dunes


Yesterday, there was a partial collapse of a portion of the levee at Dakota Dunes. Gov. Dennis Daugaard responded to the incident,warning property owners of the dangers they face if trying to go back to evacuated areas.

“The potential for levee failure is a real danger to anyone adjacent to the Dakota Dunes levee,” said Governor Daugaard.

“This is why we have stressed that those concerned with their property must also be highly attentive to personal safety. Property owners proceed at their own risk when entering the evacuated area, and must recognize that a major failure of the levee remains possible.”

Governor Daugaard also assured the public that all levees are being patrolled 24 hours a day and quick action is being taken to repair any problems detected.

Officials say this section of levee (refer to the photograph) has been repaired and steps are being taken to prevent further erosion in this area.

Source: the office of Gov. Daugaard