Red Meat Production up from last year


South Dakota

Commercial red meat production for South Dakota -totaled 75.6 million pounds during May 2011. This was up 10 percent from one yearago but down 5 percent from April 2011.

For May, pork production was up but sheepand lamb production was down from one year ago, according to the South Dakota officeof USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Commercial hog slaughter for South Dakota totaled 343,400 head during May,compared to 311,200 head the year before. Average live weight was 265 pounds, up 2pounds from May 2010.

Commercial sheep and lamb slaughter for South Dakota totaled 200 head duringMay, unchanged from a year earlier. Average live weight was 133 pounds, up 1 poundfrom May 2010.

Commercial slaughter data for cattle are not published.

United States

USDA reports commercial red meat production for May 2011 was up 1% on the month and 5% on the year due to higher slaughter rates and increased average live weights.

The total was 3.914 billion pounds, with the year to date 2% ahead of last year at 19.983 billion pounds.

Beef came out at 2.131 billion pounds, 2% more than May 2010, with slaughter up 1% at 2.818 million head and the average live weight increasing three pounds to 1,253 pounds.

Pork was reported at 1.760 billion pounds, a 9% jump from a year ago, with the slaughter 7% above a year ago at 8.542 million head and the average live weight gaining three pounds to 275 pounds.

Lamb and mutton production was placed at 1.29 million pounds, 2% higher than May 2010, and while the slaughter was down 2% at 179,400 head, the average live weight was up 4 pounds to 143 pounds.

May 2011 had one more work day and one fewer Saturday than May 2010.