July 6, 2022
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USDA wheat forecast for the Dakotas

South Dakota

The South Dakota June 1 winter wheat production forecast is 74.4 million bushels, up 4 percent from last month and 17 percent above last year’s production of 63.7 million bushels, according to the South Dakota office of USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). The forecasted yield, at 48 bushels per acre, is up 2 bushels from last month’s forecast but down 1 bushel from last year. Harvested acreage remains unchanged from the May 1 forecast of 1,550,000 acres, up 250,000 acres from 2010.

North Dakota

Winter wheat production is forecast at 16.4 million bushels, down 2 percent from the May 1forecast and down 7 percent from the 2010 production estimate, according to the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service, North Dakota Field Office. Based on June 1 conditions,the winter wheat yield in North Dakota is forecast at 53.0 bushels per acre, down 1.0 bushelfrom last month and 2.0 bushels from last year’s record high. Area harvested for grain,310,000 acres, is unchanged from the previous month but down 3 percent from last year.

United States

Winter wheat production is forecast at 1.45 billion bushels, up 2 percent from the May 1forecast but 2 percent below 2010. Based on June 1 conditions, the United States yield isforecast at 45.3 bushels per acre, up 0.8 bushel from last month but 1.5 bushels less than lastyear. Expected area for harvest as grain or seed totals 32.0 million acres, unchanged fromMay 1.

Source: USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service, ND & SD Field offices

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