Emergency haying of CRP authorized for some ND counties


The USDA’s Farm Service Agency has authorized emergency haying and grazing of land enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program in five North Dakota counties, according to Aaron Krauter, State Executive Director of Farm Service Agency.

Bottineau, Burke, McHenry, Stutsman and Ward Counties are included in the emergency authorization.  Producers with at least part of their livestock operation located in one of these counties may hay CRP with written authorization from FSA beginning August 2.  Hay must be cut by August 31 and bales removed from CRP before November 15.  Grazing is authorized through September 30.

This authorization only includes CRP that is physically located in one of the five listed counties.  It is also limited to certain conservation practices and does not include practice CP23 Wetland Restoration.  Only 50 percent of an eligible field or contiguous field may be cut for hay.

The annual CRP payment will be reduced by 25 percent for each acre grazed or each acre cut for hay.  CRP participants who do not have livestock may lease CRP acreage to an eligible livestock producer for no more than the amount of the payment reduction.  CRP hay may not be sold under the emergency release.

Interested livestock producers and CRP participants from an eligible county should contact their local FSA office to obtain written authorization to hay or Graze CRP under this emergency release.

Source: USDA FSA