NCGA applauds movement on pending FTAs


NCGA yesterday applauded the Senate Finance Committee and House of Representative’s Ways and Means Committee announcements of meetings to consider draft implementing language for the pending free trade agreements with Korea, Colombia and Panama. The committees, chaired by Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.), are each planning to weigh in on draft implementing bills during mock mark-ups on Thursday.

“We’re happy to see movement toward the ratification of the pending FTAs,” NCGA President Bart Schott said. “The United States is the world’s largest corn producer and exporter. By developing new markets for our country’s agricultural products, we build a foundation that allows our sector to lead the nation in economic growth.”

Last year, the United States exported 50.4 million metric tons of corn worldwide. Corn coproducts such as distillers grains also represent a growing export market for domestic producers.

“It is frustrating for me as a producer to watch as trade barriers make it increasingly difficult to remain competitive despite growing global demand,” Schott said. “We urge lawmakers to come together tomorrow and move forward on these crucial trade agreements. NCGA strongly supports the pending FTAs with Korea, Colombia and Panama and we look forward to working with Congress to ensure swift passage.”

Source: NCGA