NDFB president opposes Fish & Wildlife Service Dakota Grassland Conservation Area proposal


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed the creation of a Dakota Grassland Conservation Area to preserve migratory bird habitat through perpetual easements. The North Dakota Farm Bureau has gone on record opposing the proposal that targets more than 1.7 million grassland acres and 240,000 acres of wetlands in the Dakota’s and Montana.

NDFB President Eric Aasmundstad

NDFB President Eric Aasmundstad is critical of the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Aasmundstad 1

Aasmundstad points out that the price tag for acquisition of the $588 million dollar proposal will not come from their own budget. He says that their proposal of perpetual easements in troublesome for future landowners.

Aasmundstad 2

Speaking of future generations, Eric says this will handcuff beginning farmers.

Aasmundstad 3

Aasmundstad argues that the Farm Bureau believes this is a common sense issue: When we are in a wet cycle, there are more ducks then when we’re in a dry cycle. He says farmers and ranchers are doing a great job at creating wildlife habitat, there’s no reason to take that away.

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Landowners who are interested in making their voice heard have until the end of the public comment period on Monday July 25. For more information on how to submit a comment, go to ndfb dot org and click “Action Alert” to find information.