Spring Wheat Tour finding higher yielding wheat in Red River Valley


Yesterday, the second day of the Wheat Quality Council’s spring and durum wheat tour, scouts saw many acres of unplanted wheat ground, particularly around Minot, N.D.

The second day average estimated spring wheat yield was 42.1 bushels per acre, compared to 46.3 bushels per acre last year.

Tour organizer Ben Handcock says that today they will be covering the north-central, north-east parts of North Dakota and are seeing better results in their first round of fields this morning than past days…

Handcock 1

Handcock says they have seen a little bit of scab in every field, but only some of those fields will see noticeably reduced yield.

He says yesterday they saw a lot of preventive planting on the tour, mostly around Minot and northwest of Minot.

But, Handcock believes that the crop with the most preventive plant acres is durum. Durum yields yesterday that were taken in fields that were planted… estimated at 31.8 bushels per acre, a drop from last year’s 38.9 bushels per acre.

Handcock says farmers at their meeting last night are agreeing with the scouts numbers…

Handcock 2

Which he says means there’s a chance some of this couldn’t get harvested if it remains too wet, or it could see freeze or snow damage as well. And harvest seems to be farmer’s main concern right now…

Handcock 3


Handcock says at the meeting last night, farmers speculated that there were some counties in northwest North Dakota that were only 15 percent planted. Further south, there were areas where 15 percent of typical wheat acres weren’t planted.

He says there’s other cars touring the very northwestern counties in Minnesota before they all meet back in Fargo at 2 p.m. today.