American Coalition for Ethanol releases factsheets on food and fuel, urges ethanol supporters to be ready for potential debate


The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) released on Friday four fact sheets about food and fuel which highlights the insignificant role corn ethanol plays in retail food prices.

Each fact sheet focuses on a certain topic in the so-called food and fuel debate. The topics covered are: What Really Causes Food Prices to Rise, What Ethanol’s Role is in determining the Real Cost of Food, The Expansion of Ethanol Production and the Nation’s Corn Supply, and the role Distiller’s Grain Plays in Food and Ethanol Production.

ACE Executive Vice President Brian Jennings said now is a perfect time to remind the public about this information.

“With lawmakers back in their home districts this month, we know all too well that Big Oil and those who think they are entitled to cheap corn forever may try to shamelessly blame ethanol for food price hikes. Because this debate is too often fact-free, ACE developed these fact sheets as a key tool for ethanol advocates to use,” Jennings said.

ACE Senior Vice President Ron Lamberty says the ethanol industry welcomes the opportunity to correct the misconceptions that often come up about ethanol production.

“Despite having been disproved numerous times, several studies have proven that ethanol is not the major force behind rising food prices yet somehow that myth lives on. These factsheets address the unwarranted criticism and frankly the outright lies that have been told at ethanol’s expense,” Lamberty said.

The fact sheets are being distributed to ACE members via email, and are also posted on ACE’s website. They can be accessed by clicking this link: Earlier this month ACE members were also given an informational packet to use during the Congressional recess. You can view that information at

Source: ACE