ASA Chimes in at Farm Bill Hearing


American Soybean Association Board member Bob Henry participated in the Senate Ag Committee’s Farm Bill Field Hearing in Wichita Thursday morning, where he shared ASA’s initial thoughts on priorities for the 2012 Farm Bill.

Henry is a member of ASA’s Farm Bill Working Group, established in 2010 to develop policies key to the future of all U.S. soybean growers.  Henry told the committee,

“ASA is continuing to develop positions on key issues for the next farm bill, recognizing that there will be no new money and that pressure to reduce spending on all federal programs, including agriculture, is and will continue to be intense. We look forward to working with you to find ways to make programs authorized in the 2012 Farm Bill more efficient, effective, and defensible.  A stable and thriving soybean industry is important for our country and for farmers, and for the state of Kansas.”

Henry covered ASA’s priorities for the Farm Bill for commodity programs, crop insurance, and disaster assistance, telling the committee that “ASA’s efforts are focusing on improvements in crop insurance and the Average Crop Revenue Election program that make these programs more broadly accepted, and on potential changes to loan rates and target prices so that they might provide a more realistic safety net should prices tumble.”

Henry’s statement also informed the committee about ASA’s priorities for conservation, international trade, research and energy in the 2012 Farm Bill.