Corn Farmers Coalition builds on summer success of 2011 campaign


Following a successful campaign in June and July, the Corn Farmers Coalition announced it will extend its summer campaign to educate policy makers in Washington, DC. In its third year, CFC continues to bring messages to Capitol Hill about the U.S. family farmers who produce corn, our nation’s top crop. It is estimated that the total 2011 campaign will reach an extremely targeted audience with more than 40 million distinct impressions.

“This summer, we made amazing headway in bringing our messages about family farming and agriculture to our nation’s capital,” said National Corn Growers Association President Bart Schott. “By bringing our campaign back in September, we will be able to reinforce this excellent work just as our federal legislators return from recess to create policies that will impact corn growers across the country.”

Corn farmers from 14 states and NCGA support the Corn Farmers Coalition program to introduce a foundation of facts seen as essential to decision making, rather than directly influencing legislation and regulation. The positive fact-based messages are directed at legislators and staff, agency employees such as Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy, think tanks and other non-government organizations who participate in the policy dialogue in Washington.

The Corn Farmers Coalition will re-launch its major advertising campaign with “station domination” at the Capitol South Metro Station, placing prominent messages in front of many legislative and regulatory staff that use the station in their daily commute. The program will begin September 1 after a month-long recess reflective of the legislative calendar. It is estimated that in the month of September alone, this campaign will reach 800,000 persons.

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