SK Food loads soybeans going to Guatemala from Northern Food Grade Association


At their processing plant just north of Moorhead, Minnesota. SK Food International loaded two containers of yellow food-grade soybeans on Friday which are headed for Guatemala. The transfer of soybeans from the Northern Food Grade Soybean Association to Guatemala was set up by the World Soybean Foundation and Food For the Poor.

Each of the seven companies who are part of the Northern Food Grade Soybean Association donated one-hundred-ninety 30 kg bags, totaling 40.8 metric tons, which were loaded at SK Foods.

Tara Froemming, Marketing Coordinator at SK Food International says that on the receiving end, Food For the Poor will make sure the soybeans go to feed undernourished children in orphanage or homeless situations. Froemming says there is a great need in Guatemala for food and these soybeans will go a long way.

Froemming on Need

The chronic under-nutrition rate for Guatemalan children under 5 is 49.8 percent, the highest in the region and fourth highest in the world.

Froemming says these soybeans will be an excellent source of protein for their need, and these aren’t just any soybean.

Froemming on Quality

The soybeans will travel to Miami where they will be loaded at port and shipped to Guatemala, a trip totaling 22,000 miles. With more than 39,000 square miles of land, Guatemala is about half the size of Minnesota.

“The World Soy Foundation deeply appreciates the rapid response that the Northern Food Grade Soybean Association showed when we identified this opportunity to do so much good in Guatemala,” said World Soy Foundation Executive Director Nathan Ruby. “This donation not only helps meet immediate needs in fighting hunger, but it creates local business opportunities with the SoyCows.”

A “SoyCow” is a processing system that can grind and cook whole soybeans into soymilk to make beverages, soya “cheese” (tofu), yogurt and other soyfoods. The SoyCow can process about 4 pounds of raw soybeans into 4 gallons of nutritious soymilk or yogurt in about 20 minutes. The nutritious by-product can be used in breads, spreads and many other foods.  The World Soy Foundation and its partners have worked with groups in multiple developing countries that use the SoyCows to produce foods for orphanages and still have food available to sell, making the operations economically sustainable.

The seven companies of the Northern Food Grade Association making the donations are SK Food, Richland Organics, Brushvale Seed, SB&B Foods, SunOpta Grains and Food Group, Unity Seed, Dakota Pride Cooperative.