USDA Finances improvements to Rural Electric infrastructure


USDA State Director Jasper Schneider announced that two North Dakota rural electric cooperatives will receive financing for transmission projects and smart grid technologies.

“Rural electric cooperatives support economic growth in our rural communities through the delivery of affordable, high quality services,” Schneider said.  “By upgrading and modernizing our electric grid, consumers and electric utilities will be able to better manage the use of electricity, increase reliability and lower costs.”

With the financing from USDA Rural Development, electric cooperatives are leading the way in the modernizing the nation’s electrical grid.  The following North Dakota recipients were selected to receive USDA funding:

  • Cass County Electric Cooperative, Inc. – $22,000,000 loan to serve 4,984 customers with 246 miles of new line, improve 36 miles of existing line and make $4.1 million in Smart Grid investments.
  • Roughrider Electric Cooperative, Inc. – $15,000,000 loan to serve 727 customers with 79 miles of new line, improve 155 miles of existing line and make $962,000 in Smart Grid investments.

USDA Rural Development is providing more than $35 million across the country to finance smart grid technologies that will help utilities better predict and respond to changes in supply and demand for power. These technologies will help utilities deliver service more reliably and efficiently.

Further information on rural programs is available at a local USDA Rural Development office or by visiting USDA Rural Development’s web site at

Source: USDA, Office of Rural Development-North Dakota