ASA Board Member Lance Peterson says crop insurance is an important item in this year’s 2012 Farm Bill talks


Talks about the 2012 Farm Bill are a hot item on the minds of those involved in the agriculture industry across the board. Lance Peterson, board member of the American Soybean Association, says that they are trying to take a simple approach to all that encompasses the Bill and talks in light of the fact that the “super committee” might be defining the ground work for the Farm Bill.

Peterson 1

Peterson says it is vital to get their message across to the Ag Committee in order for them to bring it to the “super committee” with their other requests. He says it’s important for them to sit down and be clear and concise  on the things they are looking for…

Peterson 2

Peterson say – ultimately – the sticking points in ASA’s goals could come in their “unknowns”…

Peterson 3

He says that it is important for producers to let their commodity organizations know what is valuable to them and what they would like to see…

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Although, Peterson thinks it is very doable to get their ideas and work together based on conversations he’s had with other farm groups.