FFA reaches out to connect with past members, current and future supporters


FFA membership reached an all-time high this year, as 540,379 students in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are active members. While 53,000 former members are actively connected to FFA through the organization’s Alumni network, the National FFA Organization estimates that anywhere from 7-9 million former members have lost touch and know virtually nothing about today’s FFA experience.

“Our primary focus has always been on preparing members to be leaders in the industry who, through hard work and determination, grow personally and ultimately achieve career success,” said National FFA Foundation executive director Rob Cooper. “Now, we’re also looking to re-engage former members, encourage them to connect back with us and help FFA through their advocacy, volunteerism, financial support and more.”

A national campaign launched this month called CONNECT! will communicate the importance of FFA to current and former members and supporters of the organization, increase awareness of FFA and share the organization’s impact on students and the agricultural industry.

The campaign invites people who have been involved with FFA, or anyone who is interested in the organization, to visit the CONNECT! campaign website, get in touch and establish a new or renewed relationship with FFA. Those looking to connect with FFA can also do so by calling 888-433-2674. Participants have a chance to win incentives.

Once a new connection’s information has been established through the CONNECT! campaign, it will be managed solely by the National FFA Foundation and will not be sold.

CONNECT! is a partnership between National FFA Foundation, National FFA Organization and National FFA Alumni. The campaign runs through Dec. 30.

Source: National FFA Foundation