NCGA President Bart Schott outlines highlights in recently released ADAP to replace ACRE


The National Corn Growers Association unveiled Monday their farm-program proposal, “Agriculture Disaster Assistance Program” (ADAP) that would replaced ACRE and Direct and the Counter-Cyclical Program as well. For the full press release on the proposal from NCGA, go to

Bart Schott, NCGA President and North Dakota farmer, spoke with us live from the Big Iron Farm Show about their new proposal and what it would mean for farmers. Schott says there are about six or seven main points in the ADAP proposal, but he has three favorites he likes to talk about.

His first point, Schott says they are advocating the elimination of Direct Payments.

Bart Point 1

Secondly, he says that their proposal calls for crop production district instead of using a state trigger.

Bart Point 2

And third, Schott says the plan will go by exactly what is planted on the farm.

Bart Point 3

NCGA believes it’s proposal will save roughly $15 billion over a 10 year congressional budget score, compared to the current policies. Schott says that NCGA is willing to cut Direct Payments to help with the current budget deficient issue.

Bart on Direct Payments

Schott is confident that it will be widely accepted across the board. He says that although they haven’t heard anything back after sending out the news yesterday, he believes this will be a proposal that all types of growers will accept across the U.S. because it is not a crop specific plan.

Schott ended by adding that as the FSA program is pretty popular among producers, the proposal asks that they bring the standard loan rates back up to what they were before the ACRE program.

Bart on Loan Rate

NCGA has released their plan during a time when Congress is moving fast to save as much as $1.4 trillion over ten years through their deficiet “super committee” process.