NMPF CEO Kozak talks savings, concerns and support on the Dairy Security Act of 2011


The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) is fully supporting the “Dairy Security Act of 2011”, legislation introduced into the House by Representatives Collin Peterson and Mike Simpson. Dairy reforms developed and promoted by NMPF are modeled in the bill, revamping and improving the farm-level safety net for dairy producers.

NMPF’s President and CEO Jerry Kozak says they are happy to see that the Congressional Budget Office finds the legislation would actually reduce spending.

Cost 1

Kozak says that there seems to be more initial savings than long-term because of programs changed and eliminated from the start.

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Kozak says that when CBO did their scoring, they did so with the anticipation of 60 percent of all milk volume signing up for the Margin Protection Program.

Kozak says they’re trying to drum up support for the bill from organizations like the American Farm Bureau and National Farmers Union.


He says that Peterson is trying to gather support on the Senate side for the bill.


The Dairy Security Act would make the Dairy Market Stabilization Program voluntary, but dairy producers who choose to enroll in the subsidized margin insurance program will automatically be enrolled in the Dairy Market Stabilization Program so they are promptly alerted when addition production may affect their overall margins.